Silver Show


new games and inflatable's for 2017

Our Silver Show offers a great set of It’s A Knockout games. As standard it has 8 games, covers up to 18 teams taking part and lasts about 4 hours.

Our Silver It's A Knockout games package has eight games and needs just over half the size of a football pitch. It is one of our most popular sets of games and is very versatile. It uses different equipment, with more and larger inflatable obstacles than our Bronze Show

the games

We've invested another £10,000 on new inflatable's for this set of games for this year, meaning that our Silver Show uses over £30,000 worth of inflatable obstacles for its (not including the soft-play shapes, costumes, props etc, etc). Contact us for a full games list with pictures and descriptions.

Sliding through an its a knockout inflatable

All inclusive

The Silver Show, as of all our packages includes Commentator, Time Keeper, show crew, PA system, power generators, arena roping, prizes, £5m public liability and our exclusive 35 page Publicity & Information Pack. This unique pack is available in a hidden part of our website and includes Risk Assessments, equipment safety certificates, insurance details, publicity material, team recruitment forms and much more.

Manic Magles it's a knockout game

Other themes available

Over the many years we have been supplying knockouts we have themed to many ideas including, It's A Knockout Olympics, Wild West, Holiday, USA July 4th, Nursery Rhymes, special product launches and incorporating specific working practices attributes. Please contact us if you wish to theme your event.

Having fun in the bubbles


  • Seven games that last about 3 hours
  • Covers 12 teams automatically, more can be added
  • Can be ran wet or dry, indoors or out
  • Just under half the size of a football pitch
  • A Children’s Interval Show session can be added
  • Includes The P-Penguin costume dressing up game
  • Includes prizes & our comprehensive Information and Publicity Pack


  • Upgraded with new games and inflatable's for 2017
  • Just over half the size of a football pitch of game
  • Six games use "running across" inflatable's
  • Starting price covers up to 18 teams taking part
  • Extra teams can be added
  • Can last up to 4 hours with 18 teams if needed
  • Extra games can be added
  • Indoors or Outside


  • Ideal for the bigger event
  • A football pitch sized area of colourful games
  • The starting price covers up to 36 teams taking part
  • Can be expanded to cater for 2,000 people
  • Lots of colourful inflatable obstacles used
  • More dressing up games, more fun
  • Ideal for Youth Activity Days
  • Extra teams can be added if required

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