School & Youth It's A Knockout

It’s a knockout For Schools & Youth Events

Our "It's A Knockout's" are ideal for events where there are lots of teams taking part, such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, Youth Camps and more. Kids love the different shaped inflatable obstacles we use on our It's A knockouts and they are great adrenaline soakers. Wet games, dry games, inflatables, fun and excitement, smiles all round !.

Fun for Everyone

All the children in all the teams get to take part in games (if they want to). For large numbers, we run the event like a large games carousel with all the games active simultaneously and the teams working around them in a circuit from game-to-game. Ran like this, we often have days where we're given 500+ participants.

A kid sliding through an inflatable


We offer three options of games. A Bronze Show, a Silver Show and a Gold Show. Each has larger games using bigger and more inflatable's. Take a look at our package breakdown below to see what suits you best.

children at a school its a knockout

Games & Team building

Although the games still have team-building elements, the teams will be too busy enjoying the exciting games to realise it. Everybody, in every team, takes part in every game !

A kid running through an inflatable


  • Seven games that last about 3 hours
  • Covers 24 teams automatically, more can be added
  • Can be ran wet or dry, indoors or out
  • Ideal for the smaller event
  • Extra sessions can be added
  • Includes five inflatable games
  • Includes prizes & our comprehensive Information and Publicity Pack


  • Upgraded with new games and inflatable's for 2017
  • Just over half the size of a football pitch of games
  • Every game involves "running across" inflatable's
  • Starting price covers up to 24 teams taking part
  • Extra teams can be added
  • Can last up to 4 hours with 24 teams
  • Extra games can be added
  • Indoors or Outside


  • Ideal for the bigger event
  • A football pitch sized area of colourful games
  • The starting price covers up to 36 teams taking part
  • Can be expanded to cater for 1,000 people
  • Lots of colourful inflatable obstacles used
  • Ideal for Youth Activity Days
  • Extra teams can be added if required

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