Mini Knockout

The Mini Knockout It's A Knockout

Our Mini knockout offers a smaller scale of games than our larger packages that travel on HGV's. The Mini Knockout is our budget set of games, and is available in two versions. It is ideal for the smaller team building day. This set of games can be ran outside or an indoor venue making it ideal for winter events.

Budget Games

The Mini Knockout is ideal for the smaller team building event (e.g. 40 or 50 people). This six game package at it’s starting price covers up to eight teams of eight people taking part and will last about 2 hours. Extra teams and games can be added if required. The shorter running time (when compared with our Bronze Show) makes it ideal if running times or space are tight.

mini knockout game

Team Building

The Mini Knockout games are ideal for the team building day that needs just a couple of hours activity. Many "officey" type team away days don't need inflatable-game after inflatable-game and the Mini Knockout is ideal for these days. There are still inflatable obstacles, fun, water and bubbles... just on a smaller scale. Ideal also if those taking part aren't that "fit".

ring a roses game

Combining Events

There are a couple of variations also available. Our Wacky School Sports Day games can also be added giving an eleven game combination of Mini Knockout & sports day games. Plus we offer a Mini Plus Knockout that has eight games. Please contact us for details. Every event is different, and we'll guide you to choose which set of games best suits your day.

mini knockout game

Mini Knockout at a glance

  • Knockout – but on a smaller scale.
  • Starting price covers up to 8 teams of 8 taking part.
  • Extra teams can be added.
  • The Wacky School Sports Day can be added.
  • Can also be expmnded to a Mini PLUS Knockout with 8 games.
  • Less adrenaline based games.
  • Can be ran indoors.

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