No, although we and our games have appeared on television and been used for Tv productions many times and we have worked with Keith Chegwin who presented the Channel 5 TV version.

Yes, copies are available via the special hidden Client Section of our website

Yes. A Show can be held without obligation for 10 days as long as we have a contact telephone number. At this point (if no one is waiting to book it) you can re-hold it for another 10 days. However you must contact us to re-hold, we do not automatically re-hold dates.

Yes, each of our adult It’s A Knockout's has at least one dressing up game (usually sumo-style padded suits).

Upon booking we will send you a contract and invoice requesting a 20% deposit (paid within 14 days). Please see our Business Terms And Conditions page for full details.

We do not suggest It’s A Knockout for these occasions. One reason is that as taking part in such an adrenaline based activity such as this requires a certain amount of exertion, there is always the slight possibility that (if our safety instructions are ignored) and injury might occur, and that could spoil the big day!

Distance is not a problem for us, in 2018 we travelled as far north as Aberdeen down to as far south as Portugal. We've also been as far east as Kuwait.

We are a fair-charge company and do not inflate or discount our prices according to who you are. We don’t over charge to see if we can get away with it and then discount when we can’t. After all, fuel, staffing, transport, the costs of inflatable's, and our overheads do not increase or decrease depending if you are a charity or blue chip company. Our prices are more then competitive for the scale of games and quality of service we offer. If a quote is cheaper than us you have to ask "what can they be possibly be supplying for this price?" However, we will discount if our costs have reduced. An example could be if you choose a date for your event when we are already in your area (therefore our traveling costs are reduced). See our Discountable Dates blogs for details.

As many of our games use water, rain does not stop them from operating, only peoples willingness to take part in it. Whereas many attractions and forms of entertainment stop as soon as the "heavens open", we are quite happy (and used to) carrying on, with maybe a few alterations to the way the games are carried out to reflect the conditions.

Knockout Challenge have based their games format on the television show “Interville” (Intercity) that started on French TV in the 1960's. The BBC first aired their version "It's A Knockout" in 1966 with McDonald Hobley, Charlie Chester and Ted Ray as presenters. Click here to read more about the television show in all its formats.

There are two special pages hidden in our website especially for clients of our Shows. The first (for the teams taking part) has tips and ideas to gain extra points and team information sheets. The second page (for the organizers) has Risk Assessments, a copy of our PL insurance, equipment certificates, copies of DBS's/1st Aid certificates and H&S documents. PLUS, also publicity material such as media for Twitter & Facebook, sample press releases, team recruitment fliers, sample posters, clipart, logos and high resolution images to create your own documents and much more. We are the only company to give such a vast and essential resource library of help like this to clients.
  • Lively Compere Commentator
  • Helpful Show Crew
  • Professionally stage-managed show
  • Arena sound system
  • Arena barrier erecting (bunting)
  • All the colourful inflatable's & props for the games
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and ‘Booby’ prizes
  • Generators to power the games/show
  • Free site visit up to 100 miles (a small charge after that)
  • Free venue finding/suggestion for clients
  • £5m Public liability insurance (which can be extended to £10m cover if required)
  • Access to the Client Part of our website (see above)
  • Blank publicity posters
  • All equipment is safety checked (inc. inflatable's to ADIPS/PIPA standards which is an HSE guidance)
  • Venue costs (such as hire and parking)
  • First Aid Post – We suggest that a first aid post is supplied (if only to deal with bee stings and sun-stroke)
  • Water supply – If you wish for "water" games, a water supply (such as hose pipe/fire brigade etc) must be laid onto within the arena. If this is not done we will substitute dry games for the wet ones.
IMPORTANT - We must be able to park our equipment vehicles static immediately next to the games area for the duration of our stay at a venue.

An "It's A Knockout" from Knockout Challenge is great for Town & Village Shows, charity days, company fun days, gala's, festivals, carnivals, schools, colleges, universities, youth camps and activity days, arena entertainment and team building events.

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