Our Business Terms & Conditions

Our Business terms & Conditions.

These terms & conditions are between The Knockout Challenge Ltd and the person / company who booked the services as detailed over. The period when Knockout Challenge Ltd is to operate its services / games is called the performance.
1. A 20% deposit is payable within 14 days of booking. If the event is cancelled the deposit will serve as compensation for “loss of work” from us turning work away from your date.
2. Amendments and cancellations must be made in writing to the office and via direct telephone conversation as we may be away from our office for work. Amendments cannot be made within 7 days of the performance date. Cancellation fees are at the discretion of Knockout Challenge Ltd.
3. All fees are plus VAT at the current rate. Cancellation fees do not incur VAT and any payments already paid that included VAT will be credited this amount.
4. a) If the Customer cancels the contract 4 to 8 weeks before the event date then 50% of the total fee is payable. For cancellations made less than 4 weeks before the event date the full fee is payable (minus any expenses saved by us).
b) If the performance date is subsequently changed to a later one, any “fee” or “balance of fee” is still due on the original date, it is only the performance date that changes. If within 8 weeks of the performance date the date is changed to a later one, at that instance the cancellation fee is now the full amount.
c) If the customer changes the performance date within 8 weeks of the event, the deposit on the original date is lost and a new deposit must be paid. The old deposit then acts as compensation for lost work turned away from the original date.
5. The customer agrees to download all legal / H&S information / publicity aids and team forms from the Client Part of our website. Some information acts as advisory on conditions needed for us to best supply our service. If provisions in this literature have not been made and the standard of the games is affected, then no penalty shall be incurred on Knockout Challenge Limited. Any documentation required that is not in the Client Part of our website must be requested at least 30 days before the performance date as we may be away from our office on work.
6. Prices quoted are for final payment as “cheque on the day” or BACS 3 days before the date. Additional terms incur an Invoice Fee of £100.00 + vat. Late payments incur a daily interest at multiplication 0.00022 as per The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
7. There is no obligation to accept any deviation to the performance times stated in agreements. However, conditions on the day allow negotiated and mutual agreement to minor changes. Any extra performance or extra teams taking part over that stated other than has been agreed will incur an extra charge.
8. To comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act, CDM and HSG regulations our equipment vehicles, which are Showman’s vehicles as defined by government act must have access and parking at the edge of the intended games area during our presence on site. Our equipment is heavy, bulky and sometimes difficult to manoeuvre. Any restriction to “edge of the games area” access will result in the changing of scale of games provided and its extreme could cancel the event completely with the relevant cancellation fees.
9. An adequate water supply (e.g. a hose pipe) must be arranged by the client to the edge of the intended games area available upon our arrival at the venue. If water for wet games is unavailable on the day, or not laid onto the edge of the games area, no penalty shall be made against Knockout Challenge Ltd if dry games or dry versions of games are run instead.
10. The Customer is responsible for the behaviour of persons attending, either as invited guests or not. Knockout Challenge Ltd reserves the right to exclude any person(s) from the arena/games for safety purposes (their own and others), this includes bad behaviour or condition because of alcohol or drugs. No penalty should be incurred if performance is suspended, affected or ceased because of this.
11. If the number of competitors and/or teams increases more than the contracted amount a surcharge may be added of £60.00 + vat per team of up to ten people.
12. The length of performance is an estimation and could alter if there are less or more teams taking part, the ground condition and the weather on the day (resulting in the games being run in a different manor) and if the teams take longer/shorter than estimated to negotiate the games.
13. Evening events. Adequate floodlighting must be supplied if games times and/or our own packing up time breaches dusk minus one hour. We have a duty of care to participants and our own staff. If lighting isn’t arranged, the latest games finish time is dusk minus 90 minutes.
14. Adverse weather may mean that we substitute suitable games for the conditions or delay the games times.
15. Agents of our services may be excused from us issuing a deposit invoice. However, if the date is subsequently cancelled, a 20% fee is still payable for cancellations up to 8 weeks before the date. Other cancellation fees as per Clause 4 apply. Agents who have had an account that has been in arrears within the previous 12 months can only enter into future bookings with us if full payment is made 7 days before the performance date.
16. Over 16 years competitors must sign our ‘Team Entry Form’ (disclaimer). Clauses are the following points,
I accept full responsibility for my use of any and all equipment and facilities operated by the Knockout Challenge at my own risk and shall not hold The Knockout Challenge, its employees or agents liable for any and all loss, claim, injury, damage, or liability sustained by me resulting therefrom, except as a result of any negligent act or omission of The Knockout Challenge or its employees or agents. I accept that the activities that will be offered could be strenuous and demanding and that good health and a degree of fitness level is required.
1. Anyone under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be excluded from the games without question.
2. Previous medical problems must be made known to Knockout Challenge prior to the commencement of the competition. Particularly broken bones and dislocations. Knockout Challenge may exclude entrants they feel are not suitable to take part in.
3. Games must be carried out as demonstrated or explained only. Participants should only compete to a level which safely matches their own ability and not over stretch themselves where they may affect their own or others safety.
4. It is a fun games, and as such bad behaviour or bad sportsmanship is not allowed. Anyone whose behaviour is considered disruptive or dangerous to the games or other participants will be asked to leave.
5. Suitable foot wear such as should be worn at all times, except such games where specifically permitted. “trainers” no bare feet
6. Some games may include the use of water and “bubbles”/foam. Participants must take extra care on games that WET GAMES have wet surfaces so that they do not slip. Excess speed or bad grip from footwear may increase this likelihood. This includes games that have become wet because of inclement weather conditions.
7. Entrants under 1.4 metres tall or 18 years old will be placed in their own teams. Children can only participate with their parent or guardians consent.
8. To comply with HSE guidelines any injuries that occur during the games must be reported to a member of the Knockout Challenge staff. Knockout Challenge must also be notified of any hospital treatment sort after the event as a result of the games as this may need to be reported under the HSE RIDDOR system.
9. Only those that have signed this Entry Form and are willing to comply will be allowed to participate.
10. Participants of the games give their consent to being photographed or videoed whilst taking part. This may be used for publicity purposes (does not apply to children’s teams)