Bronze Show


the bronze it’s a knockout

The Bronze Show It’s A Knockout is ideal for small and medium days or for for people trying knockout for the first time.

The Bronze Show has seven games, and at it’s starting price covers up to 12 teams (of 10) participating (but can be upgraded to up to 48 teams). With 12 teams it will last up to 3 hours (depending how good… or bad the teams are at doing the games). The Bronze Show It's A Knockout is ideal for even is ideal for charities as although it still fills half a football pitch with games, maximizes the profit a charity can make.

Team Building

The Bronze It's A Knockout is great for Team Building. It has great "together" type games such as "Steady Eddy" and "Push-Me, Pull-Me", and team elements games such as "P-Penguin Dash" and "Hello Ducky". Team members can choose which part of the game they can best contribute to to help win it.

Our Stedy Eddy It's A Knockout game

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Our Bronze It's A knockout is a great set of games. Because we are one of the top providers of knockout in the UK, our Bronze Show is bigger than many other operators sets of games costing more, covers more teams and has more inflatable obstacles and costumes.

Our Pea Soup It's A Knockout game


Prices start from £2,250.00 + VAT for up to 12 teams taking part, plus traveling. Extra teams can be added at £60.00 + vat each. Discounts are available if we're already traveling near you for another knockout, see our Blog/News Page for any posts referring to discounted dates

Penguin It's A Knockout game


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  • Upgraded with new games and inflatable's for 2017
  • Just over half the size of a football pitch of games
  • Six games use "running across" inflatable's
  • Starting price covers up to 18 teams taking part
  • Extra teams can be added
  • Can last up to 4 hours with 18 teams if needed
  • Extra games can be added
  • Indoors or Outside


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  • Seven games that last about 3 hours
  • Covers 12 teams automatically, more can be added
  • Can be ran wet or dry, indoors or out
  • Ideal for the small to medium events
  • A Children’s Interval Show session can be added
  • Includes The P-P-Penguin costume dressing up game
  • Includes prizes & our comprehensive Information and Publicity Pack


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  • Ideal for the bigger event
  • A football pitch sized area of colourful games
  • The starting price covers up to 36 teams taking part
  • Can be expanded to cater for 1,000 people
  • Lots of colourful inflatable obstacles used
  • More dressing up games, more fun
  • Ideal for Youth Activity Days
  • Extra teams can be added if required

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