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It is welcoming that much of our society is being given the opportunity to a return to trading after the UK was locked down in March. There are though many degrees of this new "normality". Some sectors have been relativity unaffected, some destroyed for the foreseeable future. We unfortunately are part of the latter. Whilst many use the phrase "we're all in this together", many have sailed the storm with the benefit of a more stabilised boat.

The events sector (which contributes £7b a year to the UK economy) has lost at least a whole years ability to trade. Not until well into 2021 will there be some return to working, and to what degree no one can yet predict.

Preparing for the future.

During this down-time our staff have undertaken training in Covid and been reading up on the various pieces of guidance. We have been also researching the various methods of sanitisation and processes we will need to adopt.

Knockout Challenge followers will know that its owner Phil Pike, sits on the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC). This has relevance to our It’s A knockout games. The inflatables we use for our games come under the guidance of HSG175 which is the guidance that the theme parks and traveling fairs use.

The government set up 5 sector task forces to look into how the lock down could be eased by being Covid secure. The Department of Culture, Media & Sport over-looked theme parks. However, the specific guidance for traveling fairs including inflatables was missing.

Phil Pike joined a cross-association initiative to write the Covid Guidance for Traveling Fairs. This involved dealing with the Health & Safety Executive who are the enforcing body for non-compliance. Therefore, at Knockout Challenge we have the full idea of the virus, and what steps are needed to be able to operate inflatables (and therefore our games) in the covid climate.

covid secure risk assessments

Covid Risk Management

We have written a Covid Risk Assessment document to conform with the current guidance to be covid-secure. This is available for our clients in the Client Part of our website. We're in a fluid situation, so this document will evolve as not only knowledge of the virus is better, but also as the guidance and lock down changes.

Covid Secure Games.

We think that initially schools, colleges & universities have the greater ability to use our games for their days (they’re ideal for Fresher's Week !). With the social distancing rule being scrapped for the likes of schools, we have already had many enquiries for such days in September.

Small private events and team building can also use our games in the knowledge that they are covid-secure. Please Contact Us for details

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New Website Coming !

Keep a watch out for our new website! To be announced soon, it has lots of great colourful images, ideas and information.

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