Covid Secure Games for Schools

Our It's A Knockout games can be ran covid-secure for school activity days. We have undertaken some safety measures for the way we operate and run our games so that we can run days during the current enhanced climate. Whether it's a school activity day, student reward or induction day or even for a Fresher's Week activity, our games will give the students a fun and safe day of entertainment.

Equipment Cleaning & Government Guidance.

Our inflatables benefit from two types of clean. Firstly there is an initial daily clean. Then we also undertake a periodic clean as well where needed. Because schools are current keeping their students in year bubbles, the periodic clean takes place (at least) between these year groups. This follows the industry guidance for inflatables.

We also set up hand sanitiser stations for the teams to use. All of our procedures are outlined in our Covid Risk Management document.

covid secure games measures

Year Group Bubbles.

With students being kept in bubble sizes that in some cases are year group size, our games can be ran to be covid safe. Our games and inflatables are set in lanes helping to keep distancing as well. With teacher help to marshal the students around the games, the day can be ran in a safe and covid aware nature.

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Covid Risk Management

Our Covid Risk Assessment document has details of staff training, cleaning schedules and products. Plus there is information of how our staff are kept and work to be covid secure. We have also set up a Teams Covid Advice page on our website so that the teams taking part in our games can stay informed about the measures in place to keep them safe.

Further Reading

For further reading about teams, fancy dress ideas and FAQ's can be found in other Blog's or pages on our website...

Covid Secure School Games
Covid Secure Games
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