new inflatable obstacles 2019

New Inflatables for 2019

We've got some great new games and inflatables for our It's A knockout games in 2019.

Although we will be sad to see some excellent games be retired, we at Knockout Challenge are always updating our games packages and endeavor to see if we can make games more entertaining and funnier. This way returning clients get to experience a fresh feel to the games each year. For safety reassurance, our new inflatables are made in the UK to the BS-EN-14960:2013 standard and carry a current safety certificate which can be independently searched on the schemes website.

our new Black Hole inflatable obstacle

Black Hole Inflatable

Our Bronze Show now includes this new inflatable obstacle called the Black Hole. This unique inflatable is almost completely dark inside making it totally different from any other inflatables we have (or any other supplier has). The Bronze Show game this is used on is called Shooting Stars which is a target game using and inflatable target screen at the end of the games course. We have the ability to make the inflatable wet and bubbly inside, so whilst the team members crawl through the Black Hole they will be traveling through bubbles in the dark.

our new Vegetable Patch inflatable obstacle

Vegetable Patch Inflatable

Our Silver Show has this new Vegetable Patch inflatable. This crawling through nets type inflatable is used on the Strawberries & Cream game. The teams crawl through the inflatable which has a bubble/water solution thrown on it to make it very bubbly and foamy. Of course by being bubbly, many will use this effect to try and run and slide through the inflatable as far as possible.

our new Post Boxes inflatable obstacle

Post Boxes Inflatable

Another new Silver Show game, the Post Boxes inflatable is used on the Picture Postcards game. The team collect pieces of a two sided picture postcard which is velcro attached to a wearable tabard. Once the pieces are collected and assembled, one of the team wears the post-card tabard and posts themselves through the two Post Box holes to get a fastest team time.

We can't wait to use these new inflatables and post some pictures for all to see!

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