testing inflatables 2019

Inflatable Safety 2019

ADIPS delcaration of operational compliance

Our inflatable's have just had their independent annual tests for 2019. This is a requirement under government guidance from HSE (the Health & Safety Executive). The guidance says that any testing should be carried out by a competent person and it is best practice if this person is independent. In this blog we show how Knockout Challenge demonstrates its commitment to public safety by showing how we comply with the guidance.

This year two inspectors from the Rundles Inspection Body visited us at our Essex base on a warm Spring March day to carry out this essential task. We had 10 Knockout Challenge staff there as well to help in a production line of laying out the inflatables, conducting the tests, and then packing them away again. The testers remarked that as our equipment was well maintained and in good condition that the testing had gone smoothly and quickly because there were no defaults to log. In five hours we got through 25 of the inflatable's we will be using this coming year.

The inspectors used the new digital testing software that ADIPS now requests its inspection bodies to use.

inflatable testing 2019

Annual Testing

All our inflatable's are made in the UK to BS EN 14960:2013 standard. H.S.E. recognize two testing schemes that are available as being best practice for inflatable testing. Firstly, PIPA, which tends to encompass children's play inflatable's but not the more complicated multi-element units such as bungee-runs. Secondly, ADIPS scheme, Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme, which covers inflatable's, fairground and theme park rides.

The advantage of using an operator that has certificates issued under these two testing schemes is that the documents can be checked independently online, because lets be honest, does the average charity or event organizer know what a safety certificate should look like? Is it real? Did the inflatable get tested correctly to the right standard? Was the test carried out by a qualified person?

Try It For Yourself!

Our clients can visit the ADIPS website, enter one of our inflatable's ADIPS I.D. number and check the certificate or Declaration of Operational Compliance to see when it expires. Have a try yourself ! Go to ADIPS website's Check A Doc and then type in the ID for our Bronze Show Bubble Cave inflatable which is: 14566

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