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Early Season News 2019

With the new 2019 season well and truly under way, it's time to see how things are shaping up here at Knockout Challenge for this year. All of our inflatables have seen their inauguration into our It's A Knockout games and we're loving the new additions to our fun games packages. The teams are loving them too, which means our winning formula continues to shine bright.

School activity day season has started, and our games are as ever entertaining the kids (sometimes hundred's at a time). If you are reading this blog in regards to research for a school activity day, contact us now and we'll send you the games sheets for the sets of games we offer. Also visit our Schools & Youth Knockouts Page .

Silver Show Game 2019

Charity Fundraising, Town & Village Shows

It's great to see that so many charities, town and village shows are using our games as a fundraising and focal point for their family days. See our charities page for details of how an It's A knockout can help your cause. If you are an event organizer please visit this page: Charities Page. If you'd like to take part in someone else's charity day please visit our Events Page.

early season news 2019

Staff Training

HSE updated its guidance on inflatables in 2018, so in our ongoing safety program, our staff attended an Inflatable Operators Training Day held by the Amusement Catering Equipment Society in conjunction with Peter Grand who is one of the top PIPA guys in the UK. We've also updated staff DBS details to the Client Part of our website, have a staff member on the RPii register (inflatables) and three staff members qualified to perform PAT testing. Can you really afford to put your satiety anywhere else than Knockout Challenge?

staff training day

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