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Each year we publish a Free Fun Festive Christmas Quiz for everyone to try. Designed to get everyone in the Christmas mood, this fun quiz has pictures of Christmas TV and films to name, record sleeves from Christmas hits to identify, 30 fun Christmas questions and a lot more.

Please feel free to share it amongst your friends, colleagues and family and have a great time.

You can view the quiz by clicking on the link below. Or, "save as" to save it to a location on your own device. Page 1 is the Picture Page, Page 2 has 30 questions, Page 3 on a separate link is a blank Answer Page to use if you're using the quiz for a party where the questions will be read out. The Answers Page link is further down below (which is a simple text file). On the Answer Page there is also a tie-break question which can be used. Just ask for people to guess, with the nearest getting a bonus point or prize.

Remember, if you're printing the Picture Page off multiple times, just print page 1 only unless you want to print the questions as well.

This is the 2019 link: The Knockout Challenge Christmas Quiz 2019
ALSO... a Blank Answer Sheet to write answers on if needed.

Of course whilst you're here on our website, please have a look around and see the great It's A knockout games that we offer for charity days, fun days, shows and events (it would be rude not to!).

REMEMBER, if you're using our quiz for a works party to credit where you borrowed/nicked it from, or we'll tell Santa you've been a naughty boy or girl !

The ANSWERS for this quiz have now been archived. They are available free STRICTLY to any charity that enquires via a valid charity based email address only and any customers that have used our services in the last three years (replying from their known email address).

Christmas Holy

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