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Mini Plus It's A Knockout

Our Mini Plus Knockout is an upgrade from our Mini Knockout and is ideal for the smaller day. This 8 game version of our Mini Knockout is an ideal choice for a small charity fundraising day or team building event.

We offer different scales of games, and the choice between them is governed by your view of the following... Budget, how "fit" everyone is (or how much activity you'd like in the games), how long you want the games to last, how much room there is available, the visual "wow factor" required and how many are taking part.

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Charity fundraising

We completely understand that sometimes charities are hesitant in organising a charity fundraising day and any outlay they might have to undergo without initially knowing if they can recoup this and make it a successful fundraiser for their cause. With the current uncertainty (almost mentioned the B word then), caution is sometimes a good thing as it reigns in the enthusiasm before you commit. We think that our standard Mini It's A Knockout doesn't have enough Wow Factor for public days, so we have introduced this upgraded version which suits ideally for charity event organisers who want to try knockout tentatively for the first time.

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The eight games last about 3 hours and up to 12 teams can take part for the starting price (more can be added). As usually with our knockout's, there are a combination of dry and wet games, inflatable's, fun and entertainment. Please Contact Us for details.

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Team Building

Our Mini Plus It's A knockout is also great for the smaller team building day (say 25 to 100 people). If needed we run the wet games in their dry versions.

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