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The Silver Show 2018

For our latest News Blog we look at the some of the great new games and changes we've introduced in 2018 to the Knockout Challenge Silver Show It's A Knockout.

The Silver Show has eight games, six of which use inflatable obstacles that are ran-along, climbed-up, squeezed-through or slid-down making it a great set of games for adrenaline junkies. Just to balance the Silver Show off nicely, the other two games are slower team-type together games so that all teams can fully enjoy this great games show.

Silver Show 2018 arena shot

Inflatables, Inflatables, Inflatables.

From Game 1 of the Silver Show which which is our re-vamped "Off To the Beach" game that uses dressing up sumo-suits, right up to to Game 8, the funny "Pea Soup" Bubble Pit Game, the Silver Show sets an impressive arena sight of inflatables, games, costumes and props.

silver show 2018 inflatable slide game

We've also re-vamped our Kitchen Kaos game and Golden Balls game this year, and with the giant 55ft long inflatable slide game, the Silver Show has a WOW-FACTOR that will excite the teams and give an unforgettable day of fun and excitement.

silver show 2018 inflatable bubble pit game

The Silver Show It's A Knockout for Schools.

We also have kids versions of the Silver Show games, used by many schools, scouts, cubs, guides and youth days. These have also seen changes and adaptations using the new inflatables to give them a different feel. Our kids versions of It's A Knockout is more popular than every and year-on-year gets more-and-more bookings because it beats our rivals hands-down.

For more information please see our Schools & Youth It's A Knockout page

The Off To the Beach Game

Contact Us For More Details

All these changes make our Silver Show It's A knockout ideal for charities and organisations using our games for their fundraising ventures. Please Contact Us if you're new to Knockout and we'll talk you through everything you need to know.

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