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The Bronze Show 2018

In this News Blog we'll be highlighting the great new games and changes to games we've introduced to the Knockout Challenge Bronze Show It's A Knockout for 2018.

This year our Bronze Show has had an exciting make over with some new inflatables brought in, changes to games and tweaks to make them even more entertaining for the teams taking part.

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Dressing Up Games.

First up, both the dressing up games have changed this year. Our long standing Penguin Sumo suit game has been retired (all say ahhh!). The penguins have been replaced with some similar style Kangaroo sumo suits which make the game a bit more versatile to different sizes and abilities of teams. Our penguins served us well and were very popular, but they may return again in the future with suits and a different format.

Plus the the other dressing up game on the Show this year is a new one called Widow Twanky's Laundry. Parts of a spotty padded sumo suit are collected through our Mangle inflatable, then assembled and worn by one of the team members (please see the blog image at the top of the page).

bronze show 2018 inflatable slide

Also, we have a new inflatable slide game on the Bronze Show The Flume Slide, and we've moved the Bubble Cave game over from the Silver Show over to mean that four of the seven standard games are different this year, plus with the tweaks to the other games gives the Bronze Show a fresh new feel for the many people who come back to book our games year-on-year.

Children's It's A Knockout.

We also have kids versions of the games, used for schools / cubs / guides days. These have also seen changes and adaptations using the new inflatables to give them a different feel. Our kids versions of It's A Knockout is more popular than every and year-on-year gets more-and-more bookings.

For more information please see our Bronze Show page

The Bubble Cave Game

Charity Fundraising It's A Knockout's.

All these changes make our Bronze Show It's A knockout ideal for charities and organisations using our games for their fundraising ventures. It's a great step onto the It's A knockout fundraising ladder. Please Contact Us if you're new to Knockout and we'll talk you through everything you need to know.

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