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An It's A Knockout from Knockout Challenge is a great addition or attraction for any Guides and Scout event, Youth camp, Jamboree or Activity Camps. The kids love our adrenaline games many using inflatable obstacles and lots of fun. It will give them a day to remember ! We still operate a scoring system on the games so at the end you will know who were the best Pack, Camp, Group or Division winner. Our games are good for all ages from primary school age up to Adventure Scouts. We just ask that the teams of kids are grouped so that similar abilities are together.

Ideal for large numbers.

Our Activity Camp days work a lot like the games we offer for schools. Once more with the kids in groups (or teams) of about ten and with each game having three teams on each. We can very easily cope with 240 kids, easily cope with 480 and extra sessions and days can be added. And, every kid in every team can take part in every game if they want to. No one is left out.

Scouts & Guides It's A Knockout

Scout & Guides Camps

Once the numbers get over 480 though, we usually suggest running more than one session. One recent Scout knockout ran as 3 sessions of 720 scouts each. All in one day. Some Jamborees run different groups on each day with us resident on site during the camp. Cubjam as an example, runs the games for 2 days with 3 sessions each day of 250. The choice is your's to decide. Each camp has different objectives and formats to think of. Just Contact Us for a chat to talk through how it would work best for you.

Scouts & Guides It's A Knockout

We have some Districts that even run days as a separate fundraising event. For more reading and inspiration please also see the following pages...
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