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Inflatable Santa Run 2018

We don't just use our colourful exciting inflatables for It's A Knockout days. They are also available for charity's to hire for adding a fun extra element to fundraising Santa Run Events.

Best used as a straight concurrent course as part of a Santa Run, we can supply 5, 6 or 8 inflatables with a totally inflatable course up to 200 feet long !! (And we can supply an even longer course if required).

an inflatable Santa Run 2018 course


The Santa's will enjoy bashing, crawling, climbing and running down the obstacles as a fun part of their charity Santa Run. We will staff the Inflatables for safety and we do not need external power as we have our own generators. For a small extra fee we can also supply a PA system if you wish to gee-up the Santa's before the start and give them a little warm-up routine.

an inflatable Santa Run 2018 course

We would suggest though that if you have "adult" and "kid" santa's on the Santa Run that the ages (or sizes) be staggered for safety reasons so that the little santa's don't get squashed by the bigger santa's when on the course.


Adding an inflatable obstacle course to a Santa Run is a great way to make it stand out from the other similar events.

Please Contac Us for further information.

an inflatable Santa Run 2018 course

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