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Inflatable Safety 2018

At Knockout Challenge we take safety seriously. Our inflatable's are annually tested by an external testing company in line with HSE guidance. Our first batch of inflatable testing this year took place on a drizzly February morning near to our base in Essex. This years testing was a little different than usual because the tester was using a new digital software recording system specially designed for ADIPS testers.

The industry are fully supportive of this new system which will be used for the safety inspection of "amusement devices" as big as those found in theme parks and fairgrounds right down to the operators of inflatable's.

ADIPS & Inflatables

As many with safety knowhow know, ADIPS is one of two safety inspection schemes that HSE supports for inflatable's (the other one being PIPA). One of the many advantages of testing under these schemes is that clients can independently check a safety document online on the ADIPS (or PIPA) website. This helps reassure them that the DOC (Declaration of Operational Compliance) is valid and has not forged.

inflatable safety

New Digital Testing System

In 2018 ADIPS have introduced this new digital software for testers on the ADIPS scheme for recording their testing results which has been developed by Pole Star and industry safety advisors. Digital meaning that the tester has the testing software on their phone or tablet. The software gives the tester the opportunity to enter data, pictures and log defects (if there are any of course) without the need to be writing on soggy paper in the rain So, this year we at Knockout Challenge have seen the testing of our inflatable's under this new system. We were quite impressed by it and the ease at which information and results could be added and uploaded.

testing inflatables for safety

All of our clients have access to a hidden part of our website that has our Risk Assessments, Inflatable Test certificates (with ID numbers so they can independently check them), games sheets, Safety Procedures & Info Pack, staff DBS details, arena plans, much more.

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