fancy dress team 2018

Fancy Dress Teams 2018

Over the last few months we've seen some great fancy dress ideas for teams taking part in our It's A Knockout events. In this blog we'll high light just a few. Some which were an easy idea (straight from the likes of eBay or Amazon), and some that have needed a bit of home construction (a bit of a Blue Peter moment of creativity).

We always enjoy days where the teams really get into the spirit of It's A Knockout and come in a fancy dressed attire. Not only is it colourful and fun, but it helps us with the scoring !

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Fancy Dress Ideas.

From as simple as matching colour coordinating t-shirts for a team, right up to a full blown fancy dress theme with added props and matching Joker Card and a team Mascot. Some of the fancy themes fit in with a company's working practices (The Tooth Fairy's = Dental Practice). We've also had a play on words when theming such as the National Elf Service (dressed as Elf's obviously),

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Fun, Fun, Fun !

If you are taking part in one of our It's A Knockout's have a browse through our website pages for more team photo's and fancy dress ideas. We award extra "Fun Points" for fancy dress so get creating now to get ahead of the "boring" fit teams who come in just their PE Kit ☺.

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Get Creative !

You can also check out our 2017 Blog (link below) on the same subject for more great photo's. Also teams of our days get given a special link to a hidden part of our website which has themeing and fancy dress ideas, plus sample clip art for Joker Cards and teams gazebo examples.

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