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Fancy Dress Teams 2018 Part 2

This is a Part 2 web blog to our other Fancy Dress Teams article a little while earlier in the year. Here you'll see more images of just a few of the great teams that took part in one of our It's A Knockout's during the summer of 2018.

It really brightens the day when teams make the effort to get themselves fancy dressed up for a knockout games day. There's nothing like seeing the teams arriving at a day with all their attire. It adds a little extra sparkle and fun.

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Fancy Dress Teams.

Of the ones we've highlighted on this page you'll see the likes of a 118 Team (always a popular choice maybe because it's easy to put together), Sailors, Pajama Party, Super Heroes and Cheer Leaders. Some were (or give the appearance of being) easy to put together, some a little harder.

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Theme It !!

Of course it's better if everything is themed to coincide. Maybe a Zumba club come as in an 80's retro theme with day-glo attire, or a team of funeral directors come dressed as zombies (yes it has happened!). It's all fun and it makes the day shine with extra colour.

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Please see our Further Reading links below for the Part 1 blog of images and also the 2017 blog. Plus below is a link to our Flickr page that has even more images on it. Our clients also get a link to a hidden part of the website that has a special page for the teams to get inspiration for fancy dress, team gazebo's, mascots and more.

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Further Reading

Further reading can be found in other Blog's or pages on our website...
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