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2018 Discount Dates

To aid our traveling around the UK, and help discount our prices to help charities, here is our current Discountable Dates List for 2018 (so far).

The dates below are a reflection of some of the Knockout’s already booked with us that have left us with an advantageous gap in our diary and the areas we're in on that date. If your date is flexible and can coincide geographical with these we can discount our prices accordingly (sometimes by up to 50%). The dates listed are the dates that we are booked, your date would need to be either side of this and within 100 miles of the area stated.

Please note that this is not a diary sheet of bookings. On many dates we're fully booked or are already in a string of traveling dates from place-to-place. Some discount dates have already been sold. This is a live list and can change at any time. So get in quick and bag a discount !!!

All our discounted dates have now passed for 2018.

April 25. Bristol.
April 27. Berkshire.
May 5. south coast.
May 12. Glasgow.
May 26. Wiltshire.
June 7. Nottingham
June 9. Midlands
June 16. Yorkshire.
June 21. Edinburgh.
June 22. Gloucester (Bronze Show).
June 22. Midlands (Silver Show).
June 23. Ayr.
June 24. N Wales.
June 25. Berkshire.
June 28. South Coast.
June 30/July 1. Jersey/Channel Islands.
July 4, Edinburgh.
July 7. Norfolk.
July 7. Leeds (Silver Show).
July 8. Halifax (Bronze Show).
July 12. Peterborough.
July 13. Berkshire.
July 17. Midlands.
July 19. Manchester.
July 22. Norfolk.
July 29. Leeds.
July 29. Berkshire.
Aug 5, Stoke/Staffs.
Aug 17/18/19. Aberdeen.
Sept 22. Truro.
Sept 22. Isle of Wight.
September 26. Norfolk.

This list is subject to constant change, please contact us if your date is flexible.

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