Silver Show Barrel of Laugh's inflatable game

Silver Show It’s A Knockout

The Knockout Challenge Silver Show It's A Knockout is a great set of games for large events. It's needs ideally about half the size of a football pitch. The eight games on it last about 3 to 4 hours and the games include lots of inflatables, water, bubbles, fun and laughter.

From the image below you can see that the games arena looks quite spectacular and provides a great WOW factor to events. The games arena below shows and adult It's A Knockout set up, for children's teams (such as schools and youth days) we change some of the games a little so that they are more adrenaline based.

silver games inflatable arena

The Games And Inflatables

We've got some great purpose made inflatable obstacles for the Silver Show It's A Knockout. Each has three lanes, red, blue, green, so we can cope with more teams at once.

With games such as Manic Mangles, Barrel of Laughs, Dizzy Dragons and Off To The Bubble Cave, everyone is guaranteed an entertaining day of fun and games.

As in all of our knockouts, Everyone in every team, gets the chance to take part in every game if they want to. No one gets left out.

It's A knockout inflatable slide game

Water, bubbles and fun-fun-FUN !

Usually ran in two halves, with Part 1 having the dry games, and Part 2 the wet games. At it's starting price, the Silver Show It's A Knockout covers up to 18 teams (of ten) taking part. But can easily handle (if expanded) up to 48 teams per session... with hardly any standing around time ! ! ! !

Silver Show Manic Mangles It's A Knockout game

Expanded Even More.

The Silver Show can be expanded even more to ten or twelve games, plus with extra sessions added, up to a top capacity of 216 teams in one day.

It's A Knockout

For more information about our It's A Knockout's please go to our Packages Page to compare the different sets of games we have. A Knockout Challenge It's A Knockout is great for charity fundraising events, family fun days, village and town shows, corporate entertainment and team building

Silver Show Dizzy Dragons It's A Knockout game

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