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Our 2017 Knockout Year

2017 has been a great It's A Knockout year for us at Knockout Challenge. Once more we have been north, south, east and west in the UK, providing our It's A knockout games for town/village shows, family days, charity fundraising events, team building and school events. Our sets of games have seen as little as 25 people taking part, right up to a scout event where we had 2,000 scouts all taking part in one day. 2017 will be fondly remembered, and 2018 is greatly anticipated. Here's some highlights from 2017...

Charity It's A Knockout's

It's been a great year for charity fundraising It's A Knockouts. We always enjoy the charity events immensely. The teams always come in a great mood with funny fancy dress costumes. Plus, it's great to see charities raise lots of money for their cause. From national charities, to local hospices, It's A Knockout seems to be as popular as ever for charity fundraising.

charity team 2017


School It's A Knockout's

We've noticed that more and more schools are using us (which is great). We've always been popular with Scouts and Guide camps because we can easily cope with large numbers simultaneously. But now schools are realising that one of our It's A Knockout's is an ideal choice for an activity day. From as simple as a Rewards Day for lesser numbers, up to a whole school of 1,000 or many more.

school silver show 2017


Keith Chegwin

We can't finish off this blog without mentioning the sad passing of Keith Cheqwin. We worked with Cheggers many times and he was always fun and energetic. He had a wicked sense of humour and was a joy to work with. We enjoyed his funny little stories and he will be sadly missed.

Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin


We've got some big plans, change around's and announcements for 2018, so make sure you visit our blog next year to see what exciting things are happening in "It's A Knockout Land"

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