new inflatable slide

New It's A Knockout Inflatables

As an enticement for the up-and-coming 2018 season, here are a few images of our NEW It's A Knockout inflatables that will be incorporated into our games packages next year. Every year we invest in new It's A knockout inflatables to freshen up our games packages. In this blog, there's a glimpse of a few of our new inflatables for the 2018 season.
This helps our many returning clients entice their team recruitments with new and exciting games.

We've been trialing the new inflatables at some selected events to help us hone their games for full use next season.

new inflatable bubble pit

Our Silver Show has a new Bubble Pit for the 2018 season. This new inflatable is bigger than the previous one and has been specially designed to be as versatile as possible to cope with the many different types of It's A knockout's we supply games for. Adults, kids, teenagers, special needs (SEND), wet knockout's, dry knockout's, indoor knockout's.

new inflatable kitchen

Our NEW Kitchen Kaos game uses the inflatable Kitchen obstacle. With UP and DOWN lanes, this versatile inflatable has squeeze-through "kitchen doors" to hinder the "waiters" as they deliver the soup through the course.

new inflatable slide

Our Bronze Show has a new inflatable Flume Slide. This unique inflatable obstacle took a lot of initial design consolation. Not on the game usage, but also the inflatable regulations and how to actually make the obstacle all had to be considered.

It's A Knockout Fun

We've also had some new funny (and cumbersome) It's A Knockout padded sumo-suits made as well, and many games are having a re-fresh and re-format for 2018. Look out for new blogs and news for details.

Please also remember to visit our Packages Page for an overview of the different scales of It's A knockout we offer.

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