Gold Show 2017 It's A Knockout

Gold Show It’s A Knockout 2017

The Knockout Challenge Gold Show It's A Knockout offers an impressive display of colourful and exciting arena games.

Twelve games that use about the size of a football pitch, with most using inflatable obstacles that are ran on, bashed-through, slid down, crawled through or climbed over.

Knockout Fun & Inflatables.

To save a thousand words with lots of pictures, there's nothing like a video, so on this blog we've included two!

The video above is of the games arena and teams getting ready for a roll-call group photo of everyone, the video below contains the actual games being played out with all the fun of the day included and was complied by the charity organization.

Gold Show Charity It's A Knockout.

The video's shown were taken at the Force Cancer Charity It's A Knockout fundraising day event 2017, held in Topsham near Exeter. There were 30 teams present, all in fancy dress (for extra points) along with side-shows, other attractions, refreshments, and fun for all the family. For more information about the charity please click here. Their 2016 It's A Knockout event raised £20,000 for the charity.

force cancer charity knockout 2017

It's A Knockout

For more information about our great It's A Knockout's please go to our Packages Page to compare the different sets of games we offer. A Knockout Challenge It's A Knockout is great for charity fundraising events, family fun days, village and town shows, corporate entertainment and team building

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