fancy dress team

Fancy Dress Teams

We encourage the teams taking part in our It's A knockout's to come in fancy dress. This achieves a number of things. Firstly the teams get hyped up before day by trying to decide, buy or make costumes. Secondly, it adds great colour and fun to a day. And thirdly, it aids us with team identification.

Over the summer we have been taking photos here and there of some of the teams who have taken part in our Knockout's and are going to share some with you here.

Baywatch themed team

Ideas For Fancy Dress

From just as simple as printed t-shirts, right up to home-made fancy dress costumes, we love teams that come to Knockout in fancy dress. The Baywatch themed team pictured above just did a little colour coordination and had some shirts printed. It may be a trip to Primark to buy some Onesis, or eBay / Amazon for Justice League costumes. Or, you can get really creative and make your own.

We give extra bonus points for great costumes, so the teams normally really get on board with their fancy dress.

an incredibles themed team

Have Fun, Get Creative

Accessories are a good idea too. Funny wigs, grass skirts (Hawaii Teams?), tutu's, long fluorescent socks and gloves, funny hats and bandana's can spruce up a theme.

A team themed as babies

More Fancy Dress Ideas?

For more team images and inspiration please visit our Flickr page. Here you'll find a whole album of images of teams all themed up ready for some Knockout Fun.

Charity It's A Knockout

For more information about how charity's can use our It's A Knockout's please go to our Charities Page. A Knockout Challenge It's A Knockout is great for charity fundraising events, family fun days, village and town shows, corporate entertainment and team building

Super Heros Team

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