Free Christmas Quiz 2017

FREE FUN Christmas Quiz 2017

Christmas Holy

Each year, as many of our followers know, we publish a Free Fun Christmas Quiz to help everyone get into the festive mood.

As usual the quiz is a 2 page quiz. Page 1 is a table type picture quiz page, page 2 has 30 read-out questions. We know a lot of you use the quiz for your firm's Christmas parties, so please remember, don't take all the credit and mention us and where you "borrowed" the quiz from.

Anyway, good luck.... Here's the link, it's a PDF document so you can save-as, or print as necessay...
The Knockout Challenge Christmas Quiz 2017

Of of ourse whilst you're here on our website, please have a look around and see the great It's A knockout games that we offer for charity days, fun days, shows and events.

The ANSWERS for this quiz have now been archived. They are available free STRICTLY to any charity that enquires via a valid charity based email address only.

Christmas Holy

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