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Inflatables And Safety At Events

In this blog, we will be talking about the inflatables that we use on our It's A knockout events. However, as we sometimes get asked about inflatables and safety in general, this will also touch on a few points for anyone hiring bouncy castles or obstacles and would like a brief explanation of the "Laws" (or official guidance) etc relating to inflatables in general.

At events, it can be likened to that of the appearance of an iceberg. With the top visible part it is all about the fun-fun-fun of the day, and whilst that is all that a lot of people see, underneath we are busy looking after everyone's safety at our events (including the spectators and general public present). From the initial planning stages of our Its A Knockout games, through to the designing of the inflatable obstacles, a to how they are ran on the day, safety is of paramount priority.

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